When viewing a tournament, there is a tournament Overview page, providing basic information about the tournament. Additionally, upon registering for the tournament you will be prompted with the tournament requirements for eligibility, and basic information about the tournament.

Tournament Overview

To see tournament information, navigate to the Tournament Overview tab. From there, you’ll see general information about the tournament. A tournament may have additional informational tabs options such as Prizes, Format, Rules, and Schedule. Click on the tab to see the corresponding information. On the tournament overview page, you will be able to see a list of each Roster you're on and their tournament status. If a roster is ineligible and missing requirements, a visible list of those requirements for each player will be viewable on the My Roster Status section. 

View Tournament

Once registration has been closed, and matches are published, you can navigate to them by going to the tournament page, and selecting the Matches tab. Here, you are able to click between phases of the tournament and find your match if you're participating.


You can see other rosters that have registered for this tournament. Simply navigate to the tournament page, then click on the Participants tab. You can click on any roster to see their player list. If you are a team owner of a participating roster, you will see the Edit Roster pencil icon beside your team name. 

My Rosters
Here you will be able to view and manage any roster you are signed up under for this tournament. You may drop your roster from the tournament, edit branding, and invite players from your roster page accessible through the My Rosters tab.