Once you've created an account, you may edit your profile, create a new team, and accept team invites.  

Create or Edit Bio

If you want to create or edit a bio, begin by clicking your username on the top right of the screen, then select My Profile. Click the Add Your Bio button, then fill in the text box area with important, quirky details about yourself! Be careful, because your Bio is public. Click Save to complete. You can edit this later by selecting the Edit button below the bio. 

Create New Team

You may create a new team from your profile page, or on the sign-up page when registering for a tournament.

Accept Invites

Once you have been invited to a team, you will be sent an email. You can click the link in your email, and follow the prompts to either login or create an account. If you are logged in while an invite has been sent, you will see the invite on My Profile, then click Accept.