Register Your Roster

If you have not already done this please make sure to visit our guide on Team Management in order to set up your team, once you have done that you may continue with registering your team. Once you’ve found a tournament you’d like to join, you as a team owner will register your roster. If the tournament says Registration Is Open, you may click the Sign Up Now button and then select the team you will be registering. This will take you to the Roster page, where you can add or invite players to your roster for the tournament.

Create a Roster

On the Create Roster page, you will see a list of all the members of your team along the left side of the page. You can select them by clicking the + beside their name. The team owner will be the Roster Captain by default. If the roster is for two or more players, the next spot(s) will be on the starting lineup, followed lastly by subs if subs are allowed. You can remove someone from the currently selected roster by clicking on the X beside their name, which will put them back onto the list of available team members. 

Inviting to a Roster

If the member you wanted is not yet on your team, you can invite them now by selecting the Manage Team Invites button and following the prompts. Here, you can select what role you would like the player to be assigned upon them accepting the invite. Once your roster has been built, you will want to check your eligibility requirements for each member of your roster. If your roster meets the requirements, they will be marked as "Ready to Play" which means you are officially registered. 

Edit Roster

Once your roster has been registered, the Roster Captain can edit it. To edit your roster, first, navigate to your tournament page, then click on the My Rosters section and click on the Edit button to go to an Edit Roster page. Here, you can add or remove players, and swap players from the Starting Lineup and Subs category. Additionally, you can view what registration information may be missing from players on your roster. If you would like to swap who the roster captain is you may do so by clicking and dragging the player you want into the Roster Captain slot if they are already on the roster. 

Registering Multiple Rosters

If you would like to register multiple rosters you may do so by repeating the steps above. On the tournament page, it will indicate "Register Another Roster" where you may own and manage any number of rosters.