Create Team

Creating a team will automatically make you the default owner. You can change this later. In order to create a team, select your name on the top right, and select My Profile. Then click the Create A Team button. First, you’ll need to fill out your Team Name. This must be 16 characters or less. You can edit the team name later. (Note: You can also create a team when selecting to register for a tournament by selecting the Create A New Team button)

Customize Team

Here, you may upload a logo or choose team colors. To upload your team logo, click the plus button, then upload your image in either .jpg or .png format, with a max file size of 2mb. Logos are optimized for a minimum of 256x256 pixels or at a ratio of 1:1. Optionally, you can add your team colors. Click Add Team Colors, then select the colors from the color picker, or by typing out the hex code (e.g. #ffffff). You can always edit either the images or colors later, or skip this step.

Invite Players During Team Creation

Next, you’ll invite your players by selecting the Next: Invite Players button. This is where you’ll build your dream team! Simply type their email addresses in the boxes, then click Send and Go To Team. Your teammates don’t need to have a profile to be invited to a team. They can create one when they get the invitation via email. If you need to invite more than 5 people to your team, click the Add Invite Slot button to get an extra invite slot. You can skip this step by clicking Skip This Step. Invites remain valid for 30 days, and can only be used one time. 

Once those 3 steps have been completed, you've got the basics down! Now, you can edit your team, manage invites, etc. 

Manage Teams

In order to view all of the teams you are on head over to your profile page. There it will list all of the teams you are on as well as own. All of the teams will have the team owner listed below the team name.

Edit Team

As a team owner, you can edit your team settings by clicking the Edit Team button from the Team Profile page. Here at Team Settings, you can update the team name, swap logos, or pick new colors.

Manage Invites

From the Team Profile page as the owner of a team, you can manage your invites. To invite a new player, click on the Manage invites button and type their email address(es), then select Send And Exit button when finished. To remove an invite you’ve already sent out, click the Manage Invites button, then click the X on the right side of the pending box.

Accept Invites

Once you have been invited to a team, you will be sent an email. You can click the link in your email, and follow the prompts to either log in or create an account. If you are logged in while an invite has been sent, you will see the invite on My Profile, then click Accept.