Once a tournament has started, you will see a "View Tournament" button, which will take you to the tournament page where your matches will be located. Find your name on the list of matchups and click it to be taken to your match page. Once at the match page you may check-in, score your match, and chat with your opponent. 


In order to confirm your roster’s presence, checking-in may be required. This will tell the admin and your opponent that you are there and ready to compete. To do this, first, click on your match. Then click the Check-In Now button. Anyone on the roster can check in. You will then have the option to verify your starting lineup and subs. Once checked in, that team will display checked In for both teams. If you don’t check in on time, you may be marked as a no-show. If this is an error, please contact an admin. 

Match/Lobby Chat

To facilitate smooth communication between the rosters and moderators, each match has its own private chat. To see the chat, click on your match. Both rosters can see and type in the chat. Here you may share lobby information, ask questions, or communicate with the other roster or admin. 

Score Match

Once both teams have checked in to a match, you may score your match. Make sure you’ve clicked on your match. Above your roster, you will be able to select a winner for the first game. Once a score is submitted, all other users will have their information updated. If there is a second game, then the option to score game 2 will automatically generate. Score all games for your match. Only one person needs to score the game. If multiple users try to score at once, it will take the first instance. If there is a score discrepancy, please contact a tournament moderator using @support in the chatbox. 

Contacting Support

When on your match page, you may use the @support command in the chatbox. This will ping a tournament moderator to come to your match chat as soon as possible.