What is a Custom Registration Form?

- Commonly referred to as the CRF for a tournament, a Custom Registration Form allows the organizer to collect additional information necessary for conducting the tournament. These questions will vary per tournament, and every member of a team is required to fill out the tournament-specific custom registration form before being able to complete registration. 

Where do I find the Custom Registration Form for a tournament?

- When creating or adding your team to a tournament, the team owner or roster manager will be prompted initially with the form requirements. For each team member added to the roster for the tournament, the Custom Registration Form is accessible by viewing the overview page of the tournament. Once each member on the lineup has completed the form, the roster captain will be able to view the status of their roster for the event on their My Roster page. If a user is missing their Custom Registration Form, it will be visible on both the tournament overview page and my rosters page.